Head of Design & Product Development

My mission at Anyvan was to setup a design & product development team that would focus on researching, creating and launching a whole new version of Anyvan, across all devices and product categories, to empower its costumers and providers with on-demand pricing and booking.

“Single handily took our product and changed it from an ill performing website to high conversion,well executed platform used by a hugely varying demographic. We have eventually got product fit thanks to José”
Angus Elphinstone, CEO Anyvan

Key Activities

UI/UX Design
Using Sketch and Invision to quickly prototype new features, while managing and mentoring a team of two designers.
Product Strategy
Strategic product development, user stories, user testing, feature ideation and specification.
Project Managment
Planning of both long term product cycles, as well as weekly design and development work.

Anyvan Instant Pricing Form on Mobile Devices

UI/UX Design + Prototyping

Fast ideation and prototyping was at the core of delivering  Anyvan’s entire new product within time and scope. After having established a consistent design framework, the team quickly generated and iterated over, high fidelity Invision prototypes that enabled us to understand

Instant Price Calendar Options

User Experience

One keys aspect of my work in this project, was to uncouple Anyvan’s core auction proposition workflow (common to all the many different categories), into different products (and user flows) so we could tailor and match each experience to specific user/category needs.

Removals – New User Workflow

Additional Options – Tablet View

Anyvan Instant Booking

In 2009 Anyvan was born to be the marketplace where transport providers, and costumers in need of large item transportation, would come together and generate the most sustainable transport network in the UK, and since that time the company has expanded into Germany, Spain, France and most recently Italy. After 6 years of continuous growth, Instant Pricing/Booking comes as a new model bound to positively disrupt the market once more, and to create a even more efficient network for both costumers and providers.

With Anyvan getting more and more involved in the actual workflow of the  jobs themselves, gaining in depth knowledge about each product category’s specific intricacies, and user needs (both Costumer & Provider) became crucial to deliver the entire Instant Booking facility. After establishing an initial basic UX platform, we tested and iterated over specific products separately in order to understand how we could be an elegant unifying experience troughout the brand, while keeping things tight and to the point on each product.

Anyvan V3 – Jobsheet

Anyvan Auction

While the brand new Instant Booking model, was undoubtedly a sexiest proposition, I still felt we could go a long way in delivering our large community of autction costumers a much better experience. I completely redesigned the system’s architecture, and user flow to make it clear,  focused and easier to use.

User Dashboard – Auction Model
Auction Model – Quote Comparison

A sleek experience for both Costumers & Providers

Transport providers are Anyvan’s critical service suppliers. We believe they should get nothing but awesome design, and a great user experience, so the design team devoted itself to make sure they would get a clean, uncluttered user interface, as well as to captivate new providers.

Provider Signup
Partner Job Search Page

Planning & Product Managment

Good design depends on good process, every time. As such, I believe it’s critical for me as a Designer to understand why, what, and when things can be done more effectively, and to maximize the impact that good design can have on the costumer’s experience. Working on the planning side of things, and constantly reflecting on how the organization itself works, helps me build an holistic view over the company, the product, and costumers, and ultimately to create the conditions for me and  everyone in the team to create better work.

Feature Prioritization (1)
Investigating, analyzing and thinking critically about what to do next, and when.
Product Specification (2)
Clarifying what exactly needs to be done, and making sure every shares the same vision of the outcome.
Project  planning (3)
Making sure all the wheels and cogs roll smoothly, and everybody is inspired and motivated.
Agile Weekly Sprints (4)
After the big chunks, it’s time to chip away, nice and steady.From good enough, to great one day at a time.

Using Xmind to Midmap high level product priorities, and plan for large product epics.

How do we work? (and how do we make it even better?)

I’m passionate about process, and how it influences projects. I love translating the way organizations work, into more visible and palpable forms,  as a way of getting everybody on the same page, and most importantly, to reflect on how it can be improved. At Anyvan I experimented a model I had tried before, and this enabled the team to deliver a complete new system build in less than 5 months.